Pet Health Awareness is designed to improve outcomes for pets and their people, and ultimately save lives and minimize unnecessary pain and illness experienced by animals. This fresh knowledge and understanding will be used for the rest of your life while caring for your animals.
For all animal lovers and all ages. From new to experienced owners, groomers, kennels/catteries, training vets and nurses.


Join a group of like-minded enthusiastic owners to learn lots about your own pet, get hands on with animals, ask questions and form friendships.  These illustrated and anecdotal workshops are easy to understand, simplifying the important things and warning you of the common mistakes pet owners make.

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If you love watching vets on TV, you will love learning from these real life cases.

These short videos demonstrate and give tips on the essentials of pet health.

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“Thoroughly enjoyable, Thank you. Made me very aware of the dangers out there for my pets. Thought provoking.”

Jane, Pet Owner

“I was amazed at the things I learned about, not only our cat but about a dog, how to do basic first aid for pets to save or help our treasured furry family friends.”

Susan, Pet Owner
“The community is very fortunate to have such a person as Christine who is dedicated and passionate about her profession and love of animals and their welfare. To share some of her knowledge so that animal welfare is better understood and a greater part of our awareness. 
Very informative, this course has given me a good foundation of knowledge to keep my puppy safe and well, and to be aware of the dangers to him in the home, garden and big wide world, and avoid them if possible. Thank you, Christine. ‘ Knowledge is Power.'”
Jan, Pet Owner

“Being a kennel/cattery owner I found it very useful. I learnt a lot more about cats. I think its very important that everyone knows whats normal for their animal. Very good seminar.”

Georgie, Pet Owner

“I learned a lot and now I can save a lot of money on what I have learned on this course. I found it very helpful and going to help me with my little kitten.”

Trinity, Pet Owner

“Thanks for offering the training. Great idea and very much appreciated. We have learned heaps!”

Greg, Pet Owner

“I was thrilled when Christine said she was doing these seminars. All responsible pet owners should attend. Christine has some great ideas too.”

Kate, Pet Owner

“You have a relaxed style of presentation. The anecdotal examples were every useful and raised awareness of many issues. I found the self-diagnosis steps particularly interesting and valuable.”

Gay, Pet Owner

“I enjoyed learning what to look out for with my dog – symptoms etc. Also how to prepare my dog for visiting the vet – useful. Anecdotes were interesting – actual situations and how they were addressed.”

Alison, Pet Owner

“I would have paid more but I guess to some this would have been prohibitive. The tables with products, specimens etc were great as were the practicals with dogs. Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 evenings. Great effort, Christine. Thank you.”

Lynne, Pet owner

Upcoming Events

With these workshops she hopes to teach owners to be more observant and understanding of their pets health, as well as other pets/animals in the community that may be unwell and pass this knowledge on to other pet owners.

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February 25, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


March 17, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


March 24, 2020 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm