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This workshop is an observation tool to detect problems sooner, to minimise suffering, speed recovery of your pet and reduce your vet bills.

The evening will consist of a powerpoint presentation and a mid-way break will allow for a practical session and a refreshing tea or coffee. A friendly dog will visit for a hands-on demonstration. What you will learn:

  • Learn how to examine your own pet in detail and find ailments sooner.
  • Know what’s ‘normal’ for your own pet so you can recognise when it’s abnormal’.
  • Know when it is a real emergency and what to do.
  • Save lives with basic first aid.
  • What to pay attention too that could influence the lifespan of your pet.

Purchase your tickets here or at Picton Vet Clinic.

If you have any further questions email admin@pethealthawareness.co.nz